Boom Chicago

Boom Chicago Amsterdam: where comedy lives.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fun, improv and drinking on a Saturday night at Boom Chicago?

What's new about that? We're at the theater. You're at home!

We took our long-running Shot of Improv show and adapted it into an interactive, live-streaming show and online party. Why is it so funny? Three reasons: We quarantine together. We improvise together. We drink together. And now you're invited!

Join our party Saturday nights at 22:00 in Amsterdam or 21:00 in London. In the U.S., it's afternoon fun at 4pm in New York, 3pm in Chicago, and 1pm in LA, which is just in time for brunch. What could be more LA than brunch? 

This improv show is made by the actors, techs, the musician and the audience in real time. Give us suggestions, drink challenges or even tailored commissions. All systems are go. This rocket is ready to launch. Is there a plan? Hell no! Let's just make it up as we go!

Every week there's a new Boom Chicago host from our bar. On special nights, a guest Drinkmaster serves from their house. BYOB. The more you drink, the funnier we seem.' All you need is a drink (or five, we're not here to judge) and be ready to laugh. It's intoxicating entertainment!

Shot of Improv: Online Pandemic Edition is at least an hour. But like any good party, we don't end until we're done.